Pedras is a Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (with 100% natural gas).

The different and refreshing flavour of thewater is the result of a slow and natural process. During its journey throughthe depths of the Earth, Pedras acquires its diverse unique characteristicsknown the world over, as evidenced by the 31 awarded Gold medals.


Created by nature, Pedras is a Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (100%natural gas). With a different and refreshing flavour it provides well-being andis delightful to drink in any occasion.

It is a natural and healthy drink, perfect for along day or with any meal.

The unique Pedras characteristics are known byexperts the world over, having been awarded 40 medals (31 Gold) in Fairs,Exhibitions and International Contests, as ois the case of the prestigious MondeSelection.

Pedras comes from nature to you. Get to know its journey.

Pedras' Journey

Glass 25cl

For any occasion

Glass 25cl

For any occasion

Glass 50cl

Perfect for individual consumption

Glass 75cl

Perfect for restaurants

Pet 33cl

Practical, for those more active ones

1L Pet

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