The true secret of Pedras resides in the mountains where the water is born.

The Pedras Salgadas valley is located in the north of Portugal, at 1 263meters of height in an isolated plateau and free from any polluting influence,in a uniquely beautiful region.

Tree Houses

As a part of the Pedras Salgadas Parkand by the hand of architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, the tree houses came to bebased on the challenge of creating an element which could respond to theimagination of tree houses.

The slate and wood coating, indigenous rawmaterials, help foster the integration with the landscape and grant thesearchitectonic houses invisibility, thus maintaining the prominence that belongsto this centennial park.

Eco Houses

Eco Houses provide not only contactwith nature but also an unforgettable experience through their modern design,work of the astute hands of the Architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade.

They merge with the park, assuming the nature ofits foundations, with the capacity to provide heavenly resting moments and inharmony with the outside, either for a family stay or a business retreat.

Thermal SPA

Pedras Salgadas is the source of Pedras,unique in the World and capable of elevating you to the purest sense of well-being.

You can live moments of intense pleasure withPedras, today at the irresistible Pedras Salgadas Thernal Spa, surrounded by aclassic example of Portuguese architecture, modernized by the mastery of SizaVieira.

Pedras has exclusive therapeutic properties,known for decades by the most prestigious national and international community.


The genesis of the PEDRAS SALGADAS Spa& Nature Park, in the bosom of a breath-taking nature is within theforemost destinations for a family or professional retreat, filled with purityand a relaxing environment which interrupts the turmoil of your everyday life.

Due to its history and nature, the visit to the PedrasSalgadas Park follows a natural pathway, where a visit to the hot springs isunavoidable. The impressive and beautiful main park promenade, which iscomposed by many different histories, allows us access to other availablefacilities: outdoor swimming pool and its bar, the "Casa de Chá"Restaurant, or playground, the adventure park path, tennis court, bicycles…


Enjoy a unique experience in synch with nature. Make your booking here.


Adventure Park

A sequence of obstacles between platforms place on trees, suspended bridgesand tunnels from tree to tree! The circuit is embedded in the scenery, in orderto respect the trees and the environment.

Bar Avelames

You can challenge your friends to a game of snooker or foosball or watch agood movie in the TV Room and Cinema, why enjoying a fantastic cocktail. Forthe younger ones, there is a Kid’s Club, where they can have fun safely whileperforming several entertaining activities.

Casa de Chá - Restaurant

With original regional products, the PEDRAS SALGADAS spa & nature park restaurantpromises to capture you. Savour the different Chef suggestions.

Pedras Salgadas Equestrian Center

"The Pedras Salgadas Equestrian Center is equipped with excellentconditions that make it one of the best in the country." – AlbertoMachado, chairperson of the Vila Pouca de Aguiar City Hall.

Outdoors Playground

In addition to this space there are dynamic activities for children duringthe summer, such as: “Hunting of species”, “Discover the trees”, “Treasure Hunt”,traditional games...

Bicycle rides and walking trails

The Pedras Salgadas Parks has 20 hectares, with eight kilometres of trails,which lead to the discovery of its meanders. All of Natures’ energy remainsuntouched here.

Pedras Experience

The Pedras Experience proposes an interactive voyage starting in the past,which takes you through the history of the park and shows the journey of Pedrasuntil the present days.

We recommend the visit, but if you lack the opportunity to travel to PedrasSalgadas, you can do it virtually.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

There are two outdoor swimming pools at the park itself made by architectSiza Vieira (one for adults and one dedicated to children), a Bar with ambiancemusic and miscellaneous services.

Thermal SPA

Enjoy the massage and relaxation rooms in this health and wellbeing temple,equipped with a heated inside pool, sauna, Hamman, Whirlpool, Scottish showerand Vichy shower.